Take samples, track your portfolio, and review your data. All in one place

GreenTriangle is available for Android and iOS

Take Samples

GreenTriangle offers a simple way to take samples and share data across your network. Have all the information online in one place; farm, field, location, date, yield, crop condition, and photos.

Add a sample

Fill in sample data

Take a photo

Save sample and it will be stored on the cloud

Access remote sensing data

On the GreenTriangle app you can overlay your fields with remote sensing information so you know where to take a sample before you are on the field and can track how your fields are doing.

Intra Field Variability

Field Comparison

NDVI Anomaly

Soil Moisture Anomaly

Monitor your portfolio

Track all your farms and fields on the GreenTriangle app. With your account you have exclusive access to your portfolio and you can add new farms and fields.

Go Offline

All these features also work while you are offline. Once you have internet again the new data is uploaded onto the GreenTriangle data base.

Encrypted, private, and secure

We take the protection of your data very seriously. Privacy and security is at the heart of our product. You just benefit from instant access to field level data from across the world.

Connect the agriculture security chain

With GreenTriangle, farmers, loss adjusters, insurers, and reinsurers can access a global database of field level information.