Мы применяли сочетание спутниковых данных, алгоритма машинного обучения и автоматического управления данными в реальном времени для участников управления сельскохозяйственными рисками

Данные в «облаке»

With GreenTriangle you have access to a cloud database that automatically stores new sample information, shows you up-to-date field level data, and lets you share data with your partners securely. 

Your partners across the world can access field level data via the GreenTriangle web app, where they can sort, classify and visualize collected data. This is a unique monitoring tool that brings simplicity and transparency into the agriculture insurance data collection process.

Дистанционное зондирование

GreenTriangle leverages a combination of most recent satellite products with state-of-the-art agronomic knowledge to improve sampling strategies.

Our machine learning algorithms use relevant information to produce risk cluster maps at different scales. With the GreenTriangle you have map layers with NDVI anomaly, Soil Moisture anomaly and field level analysis at your fingertips.

As a result, stakeholders can visualize and monitor the development of their fields. What section of my field is suffering most? Where can I sample to have a representative view of field and farm performance? Is my portfolio exposed to drought?

GreenTriangle answers these questions.