Claims management and yield forecasting you can trust
GreenTriangle’s platform is the place where ground sample data, remote sensing technology, and AI models come together to bring the most reliable crop monitoring and claims management system to you – automate your loss adjustment process, predict yield, price new insurance products.
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One platform for all
Make use of ground sampling data and remote sensing technology combined in one platform
The GreenTriangle platform brings together everything that’s required to make agricultural industry digital, fast, and reliable globally by combining ground sampling data and remote sensing technology in an intelligent way. GreenTriangle’s products support farmers, loss adjusters, insurers, food processors and anyone in between.

We help beat fraud, forecast yield, crop cutting & sampling, price new insurance products, manage portfolios and claims from start to finish.

GT Database

Ground sampling & crop cutting
Regional and local remote sensing

GT Integrated Solutions

Web app
Mobile app

Claims Management System (CMS)

Our Digital Claims Management tools provides a seamless and automated process between insurers, loss adjusters, and farmers for more reliable and cost efficient claims reporting.

Yield Forecasting (YF)

We developed a yield forecasting model that combines ground sampling data and satellite data with our AI models to provide you with precise regional and field level forecasts – plan ahead and capture more revenue.

Hybrid parametric (HP)

GreenTriangle indexes offer both a full parametric and hybrid approach to price insurance products or adjust claims. Bring administrative and transactions costs to a minimum and reduce moral hazard.
Technology and data security
Powerful and secure technology for real-time collaboration
We bring state of the art software development, technology, and agricultural knowledge together in our products, for the people across the agricultural industry and is easily integrated in your current processes
We host your data in Europe and encrypt it end to end
Your data is synchronised in real-time across mobile and web app
Access to data is managed via private user accounts
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Combine ground level data with remote sensing data to get reliable yield forecast. Contact us and get access to our platform.