Connect the agriculture security chain with GreenTriangle​

Get structured data

Collect high resolution data with the GreenTriangle app to get field level insights faster

Improve work flows

Standardize data collection to bring transparency and efficiency into the loss adjustment process

Use remote sensing data

Leverage local knowledge with global sensing data to optimize your data collection strategy

Features that will simplify the collection
and management of your yield data

Cost Reductions

Optimize sampling strategy to reduce yield assessment costs

Data management

Secure and instant access to data for authorised actors across the crop insurance value chain

Offline mode

You can also take samples when you are not connected to the internet. Your data is uploaded the next time you are connected

One app

User friendly interface, that allows efficient and consistent data collection and analysis

Live Auditing

Track and trace field activity and audit field campaigns

Take Samples

Add photos directly to the sample, together with yield and crop condition

Remote sensing

Map with remote sensing information, such as soil moisture anomaly, intra field variability, and satellite imaging

Web app

Review and analyse data from our web app

GreenTriangle uses the latest technologies and agronomic knowledge to answer critical risk management questions

Which of my fields have germinated; which ones are late in their agronomic development?

Where can I sample this field in order to get a representative view of its production?

I have many fields all across the country, but which ones are most exposed to drought?

Leverage GreenTriangle to optimize your field data collection