Yield Forecasting (YF)

Use YF to manage adjusters, do reservering and to develop products

Yield forecast is an add-on for all other GreenTriangle solutions.

It allows you to manage your loss adjuster staff more efficiently, either by giving them assistance on the field or to double check their results. It also permits you to calculate real time reserves for your insurance portfolio.

Besides, it forms the basis for innovative product development along the whole ag value chain.

Assist loss adjusters

Allow your loss adjuster to asses the yield before they are even in the field and also compare it to neighbouring fields

Double check results

Having doubts around your loss estimates. Use the GT yield prediction to double check the samples taken in the field

Reserve in real-time

If you need to be quick and accurate with reservings and IBNRs use the GT yield forecast on aggregate level and come up with reliable forecasts

Create additional revenue

Use the historical volatility of of the fieldscore of UDS and combine with the yield forecast: This approach to allows you rate any MPCI addon on field level


A platform for traditional insurer and parametric (re)insurers

Either if you want to make more efficient use of your adjusters time, increase the accuracy of your losses or offer innovative, easy to adjust products. By using GT yield forecast in combination with your other services your company can stand out from the competition.

Crop Monitoring

Ground level and satellite data combined

Our web app gives access to week by week regional and field level yield forecasts for a variety of grain types. You can also explore yearly historical yield, expected loss, and benchmark yields in different countries.

Combines ground sampling data and remote sensing data

Provides yield forecasts with high local precision

Reliable results available 2 to 3 months before harvest

Historical Yield

Year by year historical yield exploration

Historical Yield

Year by year historical yield exploration


Sampling data systematically


Using the same data for all applications

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Combine ground level data with remote sensing data to get reliable yield forecast. Contact us and get access to our platform.