Intelligent Yield Forecasting

A yield forecasting model with precision

GreenTriangle developed a yield forecast model that combines real-time on the ground sampling, satellite data, and AI to provide you with precise regional and field level forecasts – optimize required reserves, manage stock, and anticipate the price of products. Plan ahead and capture more revenue

Header-Yield Forecasting

Strategic planning

Whether you’re an insurer, a commodity trader, or a food processor, we offer reliable yield forecasts for your product development and anticipating changes in supply

Easy access to analytics

Use our webapp to see predicted yield on a weekly basis and explore yearly historical yield to inform your required reserves, manage stock, or estimate future price of products

Secure your revenue

Protect yourself from changes in supply and continuously adjust your products and costing accuracy to improve your revenue

Global field level data

We combine crop sampling data from around the world, satellite imagery, and AI to provide you with a high-precision yield forecast model to understand yield and risks in real time on a global scale.


The power of our digitalised crop insurance process

The GreenTriangle platform is integrated in the complete agricultural insurance flow, from crop sampling and claims management, to remote peril identification. This is why we can source high-quality ground sampling data from a variety of local players globally in real-time.

In our intelligent yield forecast model we combine this local data with our AI models and remote sensing data to the benefit of the whole agriculture community of insurers, commodity traders, and food processors.

Crop Monitoring

Ground level and satellite data combined

Our web app gives access to week by week regional and field level yield forecasts for a variety of grain types. You can also explore yearly historical yield, expected loss, and benchmark yields in different countries.

Combines ground sampling data and remote sensing data

Provides yield forecasts with high local precision

Reliable results available 2 to 3 months before harvest

Predicted Yield

Weekly yield predictions

Historical Yield

Year by year historical yield exploration

“Digitalisation of sampling data in a systematic way allows us to estimate yield forecast and assess risks at a field level with much higher precision.”

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Combine ground level data with remote sensing data to get reliable yield forecast. Contact us and get access to our platform.