Parametric Index Pricing
Parametric solutions for agricultural insurance
GreenTriangle indexes offer both a full parametric or a hybrid approach to price insurance products or adjust claims. Get rid of adverse selection and moral hazard and bring the administrative and transaction costs to a minimum.
Header-parametric index pricing

Price products globally

Price and adjust claims worldwide with our Area Yield Index and Soil Moisture Index. We offer a complete service for brokers and insurers to price traditional indemnity and area yield index insurance products
Get results in minutes
Use our web app to download pricing and adjusting parameters or directly integrate our API with your systems
Optimize pricing accuracy
Price new and existing products accurately based on agro-climatic indicators and crop yield without increasing your effort and costs using our database and satellite imagery
Scale globally
With global coverage of our high-quality agronomic data and real-time access, Green Triangle makes it easy to expand insurance products to new geographies
Expand your insurance products

Whether you want to improve the pricing accuracy of a current product or price new products, our indeces provide Agricultural Insurers and Insurance Brokers with the right remote sensing and ground level data. GreenTriangle makes it easy to scale at a low admin cost and low transaction costs.

Area Yield Index
When data is missing
The GreenTriangle mobile and web app efficiently combine remote sensing information with experts’ observations, reducing the number of necessary field visits and covering the basis risk for your traditional indemnity and area yield index insurance schemes.
Our platform allows to build and report yield in homogeneous agro-ecological zones and drastically reduce the basis risk inherent to area yield indices based on administrative boundaries.
Get yield data where offical data availability is low
Cover all systematic perils and reduce the basis risk
Reduce number of necessary field visits
Speed up payout and pay indemnities before the harvest
Provide traditional indemnity and yield index insurance schemes
Regional monitoring
Local monitoring
Sampling and crop cutting

Use this data to structure index insurance products or combine it with local data to distribute hybrid insurance products and benefit both from parametric insights and low basis risks

Soil Moisture Index

Agro-climatic indicators

Minimize your basis risk and automate your payouts using the GreenTriangle Soil Moisture Index. The index evaluates drought conditions and excess moisture globally at any time and more reliably compared to rainfall based indices as it is an agro-climatic indicator and accounts for soil type and evapotranspiration.

Measure drought conditions and excess moisture
Minimize basis risk
Automate payouts
Available globally and published every 10 days
Get results in minutes
Download pricing and adjusting parameters for Area Yield index and Soil Moisture Index via our webapp or directly integrate our API with your systems